State User Account Request Process

PHMSA has implemented a User Access Request Form for use in adding/updating/removing State employees in the various PHMSA systems (for example: FedSTAR, IA, OQ, IMP, TQ Training, PHMSA Data Mart, etc).

The form (Word document) is available for download below. Most of the fields are self-explanatory. Below are some additional notes to assist you.

  1. When filling out and saving the form, replace “LastNameFirstName” in the file name with the employee’s name.
  2. Only enter the (optional) Cellphone number if it is a State-issued cellphone, both for security reasons and to minimize personal information sharing.
  3. The Four Numbers easily remembered field is for use in the TQ Online Training system account.
  4. The FedSTAR access has been broken down into categories to distinguish between employees that only need access to the Standards Library, access to the document repository (SUDS) and access to the “wizards” to assist the Program Manager in filling out the required grant documents. Program Managers will be the only ones given “signatory” authority unless otherwise requested by the State.
  5. DELPHI/iSupplier is the DOT Payment System, this should be reserved for Program Managers and other State employees that submit the Grant Payment requests.
  6. Be sure to specify the IMP database access to either the HL (Hazardous Liquid) or GT (Natural Gas) or both.
  7. Due to our internal controls, the email with the filled out form must be sent from the State Pipeline Safety Program Manager. The individual system contacts will contact the employee with their account information (either via email or phone). The State Pipeline Safety Program Manager can be found here:

 A central email address has been established:, which will auto-forward the form to the appropriate system contacts for processing. Please email the form to that address.

Please contact Carrie Winslow ( with any questions.

State users with OQDB accounts can download the IA desktop installer here:

Note that state-specific IT policies may apply and state users should consult with their IT departments. DOT does not offer support for installation of software on non-federal equipment. 


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