Login Problem - User ID Cleared

Symptom: After submitting User ID and password, the system appears to accept the information, but then the login gets displayed again with User ID blank.

This has been observed on infrequent occasions with certain users' computers. A definitive set of reasons have not been isolated.

If possible, please try some of the following--particularly any of #1-3--and let us know what you find:

  1. If you close any open browser windows and start over, does the problem clear up?
  2. Is there a co-worker’s machine or some other computer you can try this from? If so, please do and let us know the result. This helps us isolate the scope of the issue.
  3. On your machine, can you try deleting Internet Explorer’s (or other browser's) temporary files? This sometimes causes unexplained issues. How to do this varies by version (I’ve shown one such screenshot below). If you are able to do that, please then quit Internet Explorer (or other browser), start it again, and see if you have luck accessing the system.
  4. Check if cookies are enabled to our site. Although our application should work without them, this has made a difference for some users.
  5. If by some chance you have any secondary browser on your machine, such as Firefox, could you try it.
  6. Check if patches are pending for your operating system.

For any of the above, could you note the approximate time you try it (so we can examine server logs if the problem persists).

Thank you for your assistance and patience! 

Cycla Help Desk


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